Wednesday, January 16, 2008

election 2008

Well, this blog might be doomed, but I thought I'd give another topic a shot:

What issues are most important to you for the upcoming election, and optionally, which candidates do you see as most aligned with those issues?


thecrazydreamer said...

My most important issues are, in order:

1. Ending the war in Iraq (and mending the damage that has been done in relations with Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea, etc.)
2. Ending torture and illegal imprisonment.
3. Restoring/maintaining civil rights. Fixing/eliminating the Patriot Act.
4. Net neutrality.
5. Government reform.

Obama and Edwards score 100% by my top issues... Hillary supported the war in Iraq, and is unlikely to support any government reform.

Of the republicans, I respect McCain for his anti-torture stance (can you blame him?) and his desire for government reform, but his support of the Iraq war and opposition of net neutrality are big negatives.

I like Ron Paul because he's refreshingly honest and consistent... in fact, i don't really believe he's a republican, but really a libertarian... I also like his opposition to the war in iraq, and his opposition to american imperialism. I'm not a fan of his position on net netruality, and while I respect him, i don't share his confidence in the free market.

michael bloomberg (although not yet a candidate) is interesting. he is strongly in favor of the war in iraq, which is a huge strike against him... but i agree with him on almost everything else.

the other republican candidates are nothing short of catastrophic possibilities in my opinion.

Sweet Jane said...

I'm really, really concerned about health care. If I get into even a minor accident right now, I'm completely screwed. The thought of getting some horrible disease and not being treated because I'm uninsured also really worries me, so a nationalized health care plan is very important to me.

Legalizing gay marriage is also an issue I am concerned about.

I'm concerned about many other things, but those two issues are at the top of my list. Obama seems poised to really make some breakthoughs in health care reform, but honestly, I don't know if he'll be able to do it. He's at least going to try, though.

If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, I think I might not be able to vote this time around.

forrest said...

I can't say what my most importan issues are, but i agree with sweet jane - if hilary wins, I won't vote.

Actually, take that back. I won't vote even if Obama wins dems because i don't believe that it really makes a dif.

But I sure do hope obama takes the cake to the the oval office.