Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tell a Story

This month, December, observe the world around you a little more pointedly than you have in November. When the time is right, tell a us a story about the most peculiar thing that happened to you or around you.


Sammee said...

I don't really think anything peculiar happened to me yet this month. I'm waiting, because I really want to share something, but so far no cigar. Happy Christmas to everyone, though!

Sammee said...
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Sammee said...

Ooops, sorry if I offended by my recent comment!


thecrazydreamer said...

well, the most interesting thing I can think of is there's this co-worker who's infamous for being absurdly disrespectful to his wife when she calls him while he's at work (and of course she calls him all the time at work). Here are a few of my favorite quotes that I've overheard:

"What do you want? That's it? That's what you're calling me about? You really didn't think this could've waited until I got home?"

"Well, you spent $200-- Yes, I understand that, but what I'm trying to tell you is that now I don't have any money to buy Christmas presents. No, you've ruined Christmas. No, you're going to have to get your own checking account. I can't deal with this right now."

"Stop calling me at work. I don't have time right now for your stupidity."

(and at the risk of being too one-sided, all of my co-workers assure me that his wife is a truly evil person, so while it's obviously an abusive relationship, at least its a mutually abusive relationship)

Sweet Jane said...

No stories, but here are some of the things I saw:

A man walking down the street carrying two three-foot long bags of popcorn.

A man who asked me for a piece of paper so that he could write down the price of the coffee where I work. He then drew a picture of a clock, only he substituted cryptic symbols for all of the numbers.

Tractor square dancing on the public access cable channel.